Step by Step Guideline for Authors:

     IJCTT publishes original research articles, reviews and short communications. Short communications must address a question of particular interest and reach a definitive conclusion.

Manuscript submission:

     Submission of a manuscript implies: that the work described has not been published before; that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else; that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities – tacitly or explicitly – at the institute where the work has been carried out. The publisher will not be held legally responsible should there be any claims for compensation.


     Authors wishing to include figures, tables, or text passages that have already been published elsewhere are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) for both the print and online format and to include evidence that such permission has been granted when submitting their papers. Any material received without such evidence will be assumed to originate from the authors.

Online Submission

     Please follow the hyperlink “Submit manuscript” on the right and upload all of your manuscript files following the instructions given on the screen.

Important notes:

  • In case authors are encouraged to resubmit a revised version of their manuscript, they are required to mark all changes (e.g. using the track changes functionality of their word processing program or by colored text) and the revised version must be accompanied by a cover letter including an itemized response to the reviewer's comments.
  • A submission to SSRG generally implies that materials described in the manuscript (e.g. seeds, genetic stocks, vectors, antibodies) should be freely available to any researcher wishing to use them for non-commercial purposes. Authors are expected to comply with requests for materials within 60 days after receipt of the request. Where appropriate, requestors should be prepared to cover reasonable costs of the request. Furthermore, availability of the materials may be subject to an institutional Material Transfer Agreement that limits their use to non-profit research purposes.

Author contribution statement:

     Authors must provide a short description of the contributions made by each listed author (please use initials). This will be published in a separate section in front of the Acknowledgments.

     For example: AM and DB conceived and designed research. AM and BB conducted experiments. GR contributed new reagents or analytical tools. AM and GR analyzed data. AM wrote the manuscript. All authors read and approved the manuscript.

Title page:

     The title page should include:

  • The full first name, middle initial, and last name of the author(s)
  • A concise and informative title; avoid use of undefined abbreviations Please limit the title to 180 characters (including spaces).
  • The affiliation(s) and address(es) of all author(s).
  • The e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers of the corresponding author.
  • It is desired that you use your institutional e-mail address for correspondence.

Main Conclusion:

     Please summarize the main achievement of your work, above and beyond what may have been conveyed in the manuscript title. This "Main Conclusion" may not contain more than 30 words.


     Please provide an abstract of up to 250 words. The abstract should be broadly based to appeal to the general readership of SSRG. Avoid use of undefined abbreviations or unspecified references. Conclude with a sentence on how this work advanced the state of the art in the field.


     Please provide 4 to 6 keywords, which can be used for indexing purposes. Avoid use of words already appearing in the title of the paper.